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Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description The Limitless™ product line combines the best of MICRO SWITCH™ limit switches with the latest commercial, off-the-shelf wireless technology. The Wireless Panel Mount Monitor (WPMM) provides a visual, audio, and NPN-output based on a signal received from a Limitless™ switch. The WPMM provides immediate indication of an actuator position change of the wireless limit switch. It possesses the ability to reconfigure or network multiple switches, or point-to-point with personalized addresses, to allow for easily adding, subtracting, or relocating Limitless™ switches.
Parametr Hodnota
Antenna Type 5.5 dBi omni antenna (tilt and swivel design/remote magnetic mounting, 5 ft. cable)
Cable Length 5 ft