Magnetický snímač - SR13C-A1

Objednací kód: SR13C-A1
Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description The SR13/15 Series package enhancements permit quick and easy sensor installation, increasing the usability of the SS400 Series. These devices can be installed without additional mounting hardware. The snap-in and flat mount sensor packages can house any of the present SS400 Series sensors or any similarly sized sensing elements.
Parametr Hodnota
Package Type Plastic Snap-in
Supply Voltage 3.8 Vdc to 30 Vdc
Supply Current 13 mA (max. @ 25 °C)
Operate Point (OP) 18.0 mT [180 G] max.
Release Point 7.50 mT [75 G] min.
Leakage Current 5 µA
Differential 2.5 mT [25 G] min.
Series Name SR13