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Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description Honeywell’s Nanopower Series Magnetoresistive (MR) Sensor ICs are ultra-sensitive devices designed to accommodate a wide range of applications with large air gaps, small magnetic fields and low power requirements. The sensor ICs respond to either a North or South pole applied in a direction parallel to the sensor. They do not require the magnet polarity to be identified, simplifying installation and potentially reducing system cost. These sensor ICs use a very low average current consumption and a push-pull output which does not require a pull-up resistor. The sensor ICs can operate from a supply voltage as low as 1.65 V, promoting energy efficiency. SM351LT: For applications requiring ultra high magnetic sensitivity (7 Gauss typical operate, 11 Gauss maximum operate) and a very low current draw (360 nA typical).
Parametr Hodnota
Output Signal Analog voltage
Product Type Magnetoresistive Position Sensor IC
Package Quantity/Type 3000 units/tape and 178 mm [7 in] reel
Supply Voltage 1.65 V min., 1.8 V typ., 5.5 V max.
Output Voltage low: 0 V min., 0.03 V typ., 0.15 V max. high: Vs-0.15 V min., Vs-0.03 V typ., Vs max.
Supply Current 100 uA typ., 150 uA max.
Operate Point (OP) 3 Gauss min., 7 Gauss typ., 11 Gauss max.
Release Point 2 Gauss min., 5 Gauss typ.
Differential 2 Gauss typ.
Series Name Nanopower
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