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Description Honeywell Relialign™ RDI Series Residential Door Interlock switches are electromechanical devices designed for use in residential swing door applications, specifically dumbwaiters, lifts for the mobility impaired and swing-door elevators in the USA. In Canada, the RDI is designed for use in residential swing door applications, specifically elevators and dumbwaiters but is not designed for use in lifts for the mobility impaired. The interlock holds the door in place and prevents it from being opened in potentially unsafe conditions (e.g. the elevator/lift car is not present at the door). Featuring Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ switches as an internal solenoid control mechanism, the Relialign™ Series of door interlocks may reduce complexity of the host controller, reduce power consumption, extend solenoid life, and reduce solenoid timeouts. Additional Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ basic switches are used to indicate door closure and door lock status, providing an extra level of reliability. RDI Series interlocks are configurable and available in left- and right-hand versions, allowing for simplified installation, customization, and retrofitting into current designs.