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Výrobce: Honeywell

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Description The Honeywell PBN Series is a range of versatile, low-cost, ultra low pressure switches and sensors. PBM products are compact, lightweight, feature enhanced reliability, and are designed to yield a repeatable response over millions of cycles. They can be mounted in virtually any orientation and their rugged construction allows use in the most rigorous environments. Product specifications such as operating characteristics, termination type, and contact materials can be customized for certain applications.
Parametr Hodnota
Contact Type Silver
Housing Material Polycarbonate
Product Type Pressure Switch
Electrical Termination 6,3 mm x 0,8 mm quick connect
Contact Setting Range 416.0 in-H2O to 1109.0 in-H2O
Approximate Differential 25% to 50% of actuation point
Termination Blade
Proof Pressure 80 psi
Inductive Ratings 16 A, 240 Vac
Diaphragm Polyurethane
Temperature 4 °C to 66 °C (standard) [-40 °C to 96 °C (optional)]
Connector(s) 5 mm barbed radial ports
Series Name PBN