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Výrobce: Honeywell

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Description The HIH-5030/5031 Series Low Voltage Humidity Sensors operate dow to 2.7 V, often ideal in battery-powered systems where the supply is a nominal 3 V. The HIH-5030/5031 complements our existing line of non-SMD humidity sensors. SMD packaging on tape and reel allows for use in high volume, automated pick and place manufacturing, eliminating lead misalignment to printed circuit board through-hole. The HIH-5030/5031 Series Humidity Sensors are designed specifically for high volume OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) users. Direct input to a controller or other device is made possible by this sensor’s near linear voltage output. With a typical current draw of only 200 µA, the HIH-5030/5031 Series is often ideally suited for low drain, battery operated systems. Tight sensor interchangeability reduces or eliminates OEM production calibration costs. Individual sensor calibration data is available. The HIH-5030/5031 Series delivers instrumentation-quality RH (Relative Humidity) sensing performance in a competitively priced, solderable SMD. The HIH-5030 is a covered integrated circuit humidity sensor. The HIH-5031 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integrated circuit humidity sensor that is factory-fitted with a hydrophobic filter allowing it to be used in condensing environments including industrial, medical and commercial applications. The RH sensor uses a laser trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive sensing element with on-chip integrated signal conditioning. The sensing element's multilayer construction provides excellent resistance to most application hazards such as condensation, dust, dirt, oils and common environmental chemicals.
Parametr Hodnota
Sealed No
Sealed Yes
Hysteresis ±2 %RH
Repeatability ±0.5 %RH
Settling Time 70 ms max.
Supply Voltage 3.3 Vdc typ.
Supply Current 500 µA
Long-term Stability (Drift) ±1.2 %RH for five years; ±0.25 %RH each year
Output Signal Analog voltage
Series Name HIH-5030/5031