Snímač vlhkosti - HIH-4602-C

Objednací kód: HIH-4602-C
Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description The HIH-4602-A/C Relative Humidity (RH) sensors combine both relative humidity and temperature sensing in a TO-5 housing with a hydrophobic sintered stainless steel filter. The laser-trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive sensing elements have on-chip integrated signal conditioning. The temperature sensor is thermally connected with the RH sensor making the HIH-4602-A/C often ideal for measuring dew point and other absolute moisture terms. The HIH-4602-A contains an integral thermistor, while the HIH-4602-C contains an integral precision RTD. Factory calibration data supplied with each sensor allows individually matched downstream electronics and ±3.5 %RH total accuracy.
Parametr Hodnota
Temperature Sensing Type Thin platinum RTD class 2B (Ro: ±0.25%), 1 kOhm at 0 °C [32 °F]