Snímač síly - FSG15N1A

Objednací kód: FSG15N1A
Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description The FS Series Sensors provide precise, reliable force sensing performance in a compact commercial grade package. The sensor features a proven sensing technology that utilizes a specialized piezoresistive micro-machined silicon sensing element. The low power, unamplified, noncompensated Wheatstone bridge circuit design provides inherently stable mV outputs over the force range. Force sensors operate on the principle that the resistance of silicon implanted piezoresistors will increase when the resistors flex under any applied force. The sensor concentrates force from the application, through the stainless steel plunger, directly to the silicon sensing element. The amount of resistance changes in proportion to the amount of force being applied. This change in circuit resistance results in a corresponding mV output level. The sensor package design incorporates a patented modular construction. The use of innovative elastomeric technology and engineered molded plastics results in load capacities of 4.5/5.5 kg over-force. The stainless steel plunger provides excellent mechanical stability and is adaptable to a variety of applications. Various electric interconnects can accept prewired connectors, printed circuit board mounting, and surface mounting. The unique sensor design also provides a variety of mounting options including mounting brackets, as well as application specific mounting requirements. Mounting Sensor output characteristics do not change with respect to mounting orientation. Care should be taken not to obstruct the vent hole in the bottom of the housing. Improper venting may result in unstable output. Applying Force Evaluation of the sensor is to be performed using deadweight or compliance force. Application of a rigid, immobile force will result in output drift (decrease) as elastomeric seals relax.
Parametr Hodnota
Sensitivity 0.20 mV/g min., 0.24 mV/g typ., 0.28 mV/g max.
Operating Force (OF) 0 g to 1500 g
Supply Voltage 10.0 Vdc typ., 12.0 Vdc max.
Null Offset ±30 mV
Linearity 0.5% Span Typ., BFSL
Null Shift over Temperature ±1.0 mV
Sensitivity Shift over Temperature +0.012 mV/g / -0.012 mV/g
Input Resistance 4.0 kOhm min., 5.0 kOhm typ., 6.0 kOhm max.
Output Resistance 4 kOhm min., 5 kOhm typ., 6 kOhm max.
Overforce 5,500 g
ESD 10 kV
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]
Storage Temperature -55 °C to 105 °C [-67 °F to 221 °F]
Vibration 10 Hz to 2 kHz, 20 g, sine
Shock 150 g, 6 ms, half sine
Solderability 5 s at 315 °C per lead
Package Type Blister pack
Series Name FSG
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