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Technické parametry
Description The SURSENSETM line of ultra low pressure sensors is based upon a proprietary, patented technology designed to reduce all output offset or common mode errors. These sensors utilize a silicon, micromachined sensing element which features a unique stress concentration enhanced structure to provide a highly stable linear output that is proportional to applied pressure. Output offset errors due to changes in temperature, warm-up, long term stability and position sensitivity have all been significantly reduced when compared to conventional sensors. The DUXL Series sensors provide a ratiometric millivolt output and are housed in a low profile miniature ported package. These sensors are intended for those applications where customized external signal conditioning is required or available from other sources. The low profile outline is ideal for portable applications where small size is critical. Product is patented by US patent 6023978.
Parametr Hodnota
Pressure Range ±20.0 inH2O
Overpressure 200 inH2O
Typical Sensitivity 1.5 mV/inH2O