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Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description The 1865 Series is a high-performance transducer specifically designed to address the needs of medical and specialized OEM applications. Offering laser-trimmed compensation, these products may be specified to operate with either a constant current or voltage supply. These products employ a solid state piezoresistive pressure transducer mounted in a plastic package. For applications where force is applied by a flexible membrane to the sensor, such as found in infusion pumps, the precision height silicon diaphragm provides long life and is a reliable replacement for older force or load cell transducers. Using a silicon rubber diaphragm, this product is compatible with some liquid media applications. The 1865 Series provides access to important safety features in critical care medical instrumentation, such as occulsion pressure or infiltration detection. The pressure data can provide medical personnel with useful diagnostic information regarding the condition of a patient's circulatory system. These force/pressure transducers can also be used with other medical dispensing devices, such as syringe pumps, to improve safety and accuracy.
Parametr Hodnota
Sensitivity 38 mV min., 40 mV typ., 42 mV max.
Operating Force (OF) 0 psi to 5 psi
Supply Voltage 10.0 Vdc typ., 15.0 Vdc max.
Null Offset 0 m Vdc ±2 m Vdc
Linearity 0.10 typ., 0.25 max. %FS, BFSL
Null Shift over Temperature 0.2 mV max. over comp range, ref to 27 °C
Input Resistance 8.0 kOhm min., 40 kOhm max.
Output Resistance 3.5 kOhm min., 6.0 kOhm max.
Overforce 15 psi
Compensated Temperature Range -1 °C to 54 °C [30 °F to 129 °F]
Operating Temperature -28 °C to 54 °C [-19 °F to 129 °F]
Vibration 11 Hz to 2 kHz, 10 g, sine
Shock 100 g, 11 ms, half sine
Series Name 1865