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Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description MICRO SWITCH™ AC Series Door Switches are used for simple or precision on/off application needs. They enable circuit testing with POWER ON by manually pulling a rod actuator to the maintained-ON position. Closing the door resets the switch.
Parametr Hodnota
Switch Type Door 30,0 mm H x 9,01 mm W x 42,9 mm L [1.182 in H x 0.355 in W x 1.69 in L]
Ampere Rating 5 A
Actuator Plunger Lever
Termination Solder
Operating Temperature -53 °C to 121 °C [-65 °F to 250 °F]
Overtravel (OT) 4,47 mm [0.175 in] max.
Free Position (FP) 9,53 mm [0.375 in] max.
Housing Material General Purpose Phenolic
High Temperature 121 °C [250 °F]
Mounting Screw Size 4-48 UNF-2B
Package Height 30,05 mm [1.183 in ] ref.
Package Width 42,9 mm [1.690 in] ref.
Package Length 9,02 mm [0.355 in] ref.