Objednací kód: 150705
Výrobce: Honeywell

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Technické parametry
Description Honeywell’s full line of subminiature pressure transducers accurately measure pressure ranges from 100 psi to 15000 psi. These gauge-only, subminiature pressure transducers have a high natural frequency and utilize a flush diaphragm that is manufactured from 17-4 PH stainless steel. Temperature compensation is accomplished by using temperature-sensitive components located inside the transducers. These transducers have a small electrical, zero balance circuit board that is in the lead wire (approximately 1 in x 0.087 in thick). This balance board does not have to be in the same temperature as the transducers. All transducers have four (4) active bonded strain gauges arranged in a Wheatstone-bridge configuration.
Parametr Hodnota
Bushing Thread None
Full Scale Span 5 Vdc
Maximum Overpressure 200 psi
Form Factor Compact and Miniature; Flush
Order Code BP357CL,1A,2U,5E,6AM
Accuracy 1.0 % FS BFSL
Non-linearity and Hysteresis 1.0 % FS
Non-repeatability ±0.15 % FS
Output 2 mV/V
Temperature (Operating) -54 °C to 149 °C [-65 °F to 300 °F]
Temperature (Compensated) 16 °C to 71 °C [60 °F to 160 °F]
Electrical Termination (std) Four twisted leads (1.83 m [5 ft]) with external balance board
Excitation (acceptable) Up to 5 Vdc or Vac
Overload (safe) 50 % over capacity
Overload (burst) 400 % full scale
Dead Volume Flush
Product Dimensions Ø12,7 mm 17,53 mm L [Ø0.50 in x 0.69 in L]
Agency Approvals and Standards CE approved
Series Name S